10 Black Friday Survival Tips

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shoppingWe all know that immediately following the peaceful meal we gather to share with our loved once is the most hectic shopping day of the year – Black Friday.  To help you all transition from festive to frenzied, I have compiled 10 Black Friday Survival Tips below to help you navigate through your shopping spree.

  1. Scour the sales ads in your newspaper. Make note of the ones that interest you, and clip any coupons that the stores offer. Look online at different stores’ websites for more information on their promotions then make a list of various deals that you might want to take advantage of.
  2. Make a list of people that you’re shopping for. Also, list possible gift ideas for each person. Keeping a notebook of your information with you will help you stay focused and finish your shopping more quickly.
  3. Consider shopping online. You would avoid the hectic mob of people trying to buy and it is a lot simpler to buy online during this national shopping frenzy. Many sale items are available online for delivery or pickup. Some stores even offer additional promotions on their website. All you really need is your credit card.
  4. Plan Your Route. If you do not like online shopping and you want to go on an actual shopping spree, think about what the best route is and use it. Plan by which stores open first and be sure to check online to see if the store offers a map of where to locate the deals in their stores so you don’t waste time wandering around trying to find the deals your looking for.
  5. Arrive at the store early. Make note of the times the stores are opening and plan to be there early. People typically are already lined up well before the doors open. Many stores are even opening Thanksgiving night.
  6. Don’t shop too much. Because of the fact that there are discounts all around you, it is a guarantee that you will be tempted to buy something that you do not need.
  7. Stay away from bad deals. Statistics show that most of the items that are for sale are not actually top quality. Only some really great deals exist in every single store. Remember…the fact that something is discounted does not actually mean that it is a great deal.
  8. Pack a lunch. The food courts will be extremely crowded and the lines long. Keep a cooler in your car with drinks and food for quick stops between department stores.
  9. Wear comfortable shoes. Don’t worry about looking stylish
  10. Enjoy your day of shopping! Stay hydrated and make frequent stops at your car to drop off shopping bags. Resist the urge to get stressed out or lose your temper with your fellow shoppers. Remember, it’s just shopping.

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