It’s a Great Time To Lists Your Home During The Holidays

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holiday wreath'Regardless of the time of year, there are always buyers on the hunt for a home of their own. Take advantage of the drop in temperature to improve your home’s marketability by enhancing its warm and cozy ambiance.

Benefits of Selling Your Home During the Holiday Season

Less competition. There are usually fewer homes on the market at this time of year. Many people will wait to list their homes until the spring. Use this to your advantage; fewer homes for sale means that your home will stand out.

Buyers are more motivated to close. While there may be fewer buyers in the winter, the ones who are in the market want to close quickly. These are the folks who want to buy a home, and they want to buy it now.

Set the stage to sell your home this holiday season:

  • Clean the clutter. Move boots, shoes, coats and any unnecessary items from the entryway and into a closet. Place paper booties near the door for guests to slip over their shoes to prevent them from tracking mud through your home.
  • Make it cozy. The holidays are a great time to showcase the warm and inviting qualities of your home.
  • Hang an evergreen wreath on the door, and fold a thick throw over the back of an armchair or couch.
  • Turn the focus to the fireplace. You don’t have to keep a fire burning; just arrange a few logs to make the space look ready to light.
  • Turn on the lights. It gets dark earlier in the winter, so make sure that the inside of your home is well lit. Turn on every light in the house, and be sure that your blinds and drapes are clean and open. …and turn up the heat. It’s cold outside, so adjust the thermostat to a warmer temperature. However, keep in mind that many people will keep their coats on, so try not to sweat them out.

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