Six Home Improvement Trends for 2014

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6California has long been the trendsetter in the United States, so why should things be any different when it comes to home improvement and makeover projects? If you are interested in putting you San Diego home at the forefront of the latest trends, you will certainly want to learn more about the biggest home trends for 2014.

Trend #1: Plan for Large Families: Although couples are choosing to have fewer kids than they did in the past, the need for larger homes is still there. This is because a growing number of family homes are including grandparents and adult children. Many homeowners are finding themselves needing to make space for their parents as well as for children who are still struggling to get themselves established in today’s economy. Therefore, when taking on a remodeling project, consider how to effectively use your space for multiple generations. Some design features that are growing in popularity include walk-in bathtubs, wall-mounted sinks for wheelchairs and motion-sensing faucets to help accommodate an aging population.

Trend #2: Express Yourself: If you are planning to sell your home sometime soon, it is still best to decorate your home with neutral colors that are likely to appeal to a broader audience. If you aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, however, another trend for 2014 is to express yourself through color, design and décor. Bright colors are “in” for 2014, with cobalt blue being one of the most popular colors. Other trends for 2014 include layered textiles and gilded frames.

Trend #3: Floating Shelves: Floating shelves are another popular trend for 2014. Not only are they attractive and sleek, but they are also a great alternative to cabinets in the kitchen. A growing number of homeowners are choosing to leave open space in the kitchen where they can hang art and other décor. Floating shelves are the perfect compliment to this trend.

Trend #4: Eco-Friendly Materials: Energy-efficient appliances and windows have been a trend for the last few years, but the use of eco-friendly materials is growing in popularity. One eco-conscious trend that is poised to take off in 2014 is the use of earth-friendly cabinets. These cabinets do not include formaldehyde and are made with non-toxic binders, glues and finishes.

Trend #5: Classic Style: While 2013 trends called for creating a more modern and industrial look, 2014 swings back to a more classic and relaxed style. This includes incorporating plenty of wood, stonework and metal to create a relaxed feel. Distressed wood treatments, earth shades and raw metal finishes are all part of making this trend a reality in 2014.

Trend #6: Curb-Less Showers: Showers are becoming far more popular than bath tubs, with some homes doing away with tubs completely. If you do wish to have a tub, keep in mind that standalone bathtubs will be more popular in 2014 than those that are built-in. If you are really looking to include the latest trends in your bathroom, curb-less showers are expected to be all the rage for 2014.

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