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Market Update | Granny Flat Restrictions Eased

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trends-at-a-glance-oct-2016Granny Flat Restrictions Eased

Lawmakers in Sacramento have reduced the regulations on adding “granny flats”.

Granny flats, so-called because they were originally intended to house elderly parents, were beset by many local regulations that increased their cost.

The new legislation, which goes into effect in January, reduces and/or eliminates many of the restrictions put in place by local governments.

The intent of the law is to add more units to the housing stock.

The legislation says that as long as the granny flat meets current zoning guidelines, the homeowners can avoid having to get a conditional use permit.

Local agencies would be blocked from charging connection fees for the granny flats for water and sewer service. Other requirements, such as adding fire sprinklers for small accessory dwelling units even if the primary residence doesn’t need them, are eliminated under the legislation.

Anthony Andaya, president of the Pacific Southwest Association of Realtors, said granny flats allow for extra rent cash to offset the rising price of homes.

“This allows homeowners to get a little more income out of their properties, which is nice for owners to counteract some of their larger costs right now,” he said.

Lack of inventory and new home building has contributed to the recent run-up in home prices.

This is a step in the right direction, but as Steve Russell, executive director of the San Diego Housing Federations said, “It’s a modest step. Anything that contributes to housing supply is part of the solution … it’s a big drop in the bucket but it’s still just a drop in the bucket.”

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