An Evening Of Poetry

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An Evening Of PoetryIn the Valley of the Praiseful Tongue

An Evening of Poetry with Two Old Friends

Saturday April 1st  7 – 8:30 pm

At the Encinitas Community and Senior Center – Room 120*

 1140 Oakcrest Park Dr. Encinitas, CA 92024 ( b/t Balour Dr & Via Guadaupe)

Joseph writes: Paul and I met on the Mexican border in 1979, spirit brothers who now live at the farthest edges of the country – me in San Diego, Paul in Bar Harbor, Maine. Our paths and our work continue to reflect each other and overlap in many remarkable ways. Paul has been writing poetry for over 50 years, Joseph almost 30. He recognized and named the poet in me before I did. We have read together in New York, Massachusetts and Maine. He writes with a breadth and a depth and a craft that is a joy to experience and speaks his poetry in a way that is a joy to hear. I figure it is time I introduce Paul to the poetry community in San Diego. This evening is about saying hello, turning the poetry wheel, and enjoying each other.

Whatever hour you wake me… I awaken in the Holy trinity of our friendship:

Your gaze, Your smile,

The Word that blossoms between.

From Rubano, Tending the Sacred Fire

Paul writes: Joseph and I keep the sacred fire going through the night. You can take that at any level. But we do actually keep a central fire going when we partner in supporting vision quests. We overlap around 3 in the morning and sit a bit under the stars. I wrote on such an occasion: “Our words together, however deep, always boil down to one thing: that thing that makes us laugh or smile.” All water runs downhill to that point. I guess that’s friendship. Joseph’s poetry extracts the juice out of the air and makes it available for all to see and taste. He is a celebrant and a praise-singer. And he’s a sweet revelation for those who previously thought they didn’t like or didn’t “get” poetry.

Beauty holds the worlds in its trembling paw, seeking the soft and sometimes violent vehicle of its entry, not least in the stuttering epiphanies of the human tongue, the orgasmic crises of expectant and teetering inarticulateness, the searching and singular succession of words.

From Weiss, In the Valley of the Praiseful Tongue

Call Joseph at 760-754-1148 if you have questions or need to know more

In case you wanted to know a little more about us:

Joseph Rubano lives in Oceanside with his multigenerational family.  He’s the fortunate old one who has his three grandsons living around him. He is also a Counselor, leads retreats, workshops and classes in service to becoming human.  He has two chapbooks (Our Life is Everywhere and Go To The Edges), and his poetry has appeared in Porcupine Literary Magazine, Magee Park poets Anthology, and Circles on the Mountain (the annual publication of the Wilderness Guides Council, of which he is a member).  He has been a grateful friend of the Poetry Community Meeting Group for years.

Paul Weiss began his zen and tai chi studies in the mid-sixties and had studied at length in India and China. He founded The Whole Health Center in Bar Harbor, Maine in1981, where he continues to hold retreats, teach and counsel with individuals, couples and small groups.  He authored a volume of zen poems and commentaries, Moonlight Leaning Against an Old Rail Fence, published by North Atlantic Press in 2015; as well as a previous  collection of poetry, You Hold This.  He heads for the woods, marshes or mountains whenever he can.

We, on numerous occasions, have managed to get lost when the last light of day disappeared while we were off trail in the mountains or desert.  Then imagining ourselves two old monks wandering, we lighted our way home with laughter.

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