Trusts & Probates

When a property has moved into a trust or probate proceeding, it can be a challenging time for all involved. So many questions, so many scenarios and not always knowing who to turn to can leave you feeling defeated, confused or frustrated.

Jeff has quite a track record working with trust and probate real estate. He has guided numerous families through the full process from the original inspection, through improvement and construction and onto the successful sale. He takes exceptional care of his clients and provides wonderful resources to support the work necessary to get the job done.

Don’t take our word for it. Check out the below testimonial from a lawyer that has worked with Jeff through numerous successful trust and probate sales.


Professional Man at DeskAs a lawyer for many years, I have worked with a number of local real estate agents on estate and probate home sales. As you can imagine, sometimes these home sales can be challenging and complicated. After working with Jeff DeChamplain on number of these cases, I have no desire to work with any other realtors. Jeff is a true professional in every sense of the word. He is head and shoulders above the rest in his level of communication and understanding of the process. Oftentimes and where appropriate, Jeff provides a property improvement analysis for the trustees to evaluate the home being sold as is versus an investment in the property to maximize the sale price. Jeff prepares quotes for the improvements, repairs and staging; manages the contractors; and markets the homes exceptionally well. Over the past four years, he has had incredible accuracy, which pleases my clients. And even when a sale gets sticky, Jeff always remains calm, gathers the facts and presents options. He keeps his wits and sense of humor with him. If you need a home sold, listen to Jeff. He’ll listen to you. He knows what he’s doing and he’ll work with you to get your home sold. I’ve trusted him with my clients. Trust him to serve you well. I believe you will be as impressed as I have been through the years.

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Jeff DeChamplain